1. 10 Reasons for Architect-Led-Design-Build

    2017-06-20 00:40:00 UTC
    Some house clients have heard of design build. Generally this means they go to a builder, and the builder has an architect or “designer” they work with.  Yes I put that in quotes.  What’s different about DURA is that we are architects first and architects, by their original definition, build

  2. Modern architecture, our backyard project

    2016-11-29 00:35:00 UTC
    Modern architecture in Orange Park! OK, it’s commercial, and maybe you are more interested in a modern house design, but sometimes we have found that our commercial clients are more progressive than private clients because they have branding professionals or branding aspirations that are more focused and geared towards appearing…

  3. Dura wins City Beautification Award

    2016-04-28 19:16:00 UTC
    Last night, Danny was in Gainesville FL to receive an award with our U14 project clients. Every year the city of Gainesville recognizes projects and people that have contributed to the betterment of the community. We’re pleased that our design has inspired the people it serves. This was the award…

  4. Starting a restaurant

    2016-03-01 16:24:00 UTC
    There are two restaurants we recently designed in Gainesville and now have finish pictures of (thanks to Stone Photography.)  All the spaces are looking great and serving our clients well! Here are some samples of Dough Religion (two themes within one space) And Burrito Brothers The similarities between the two…

  5. Best clients in the world!

    2016-02-10 03:41:00 UTC
    It’s funny - you design something, you build it, or someone else builds it, your client is happy and then you ask them for a review: maybe for or for your Architecture firm website. The reality is, I wish I could review my clients sometimes. Dura has been blessed…

  6. Dough Religion

    2016-01-04 14:34:00 UTC
    As a business person and architect, I absolutely love when a “good plan comes together”! I just love it. Dough Religion is a perfect example. A full year in the making, this restaurant within a core and shell building we designed went back and forth, determining its own identity and…

  7. restaurant watch

    2015-10-09 19:57:00 UTC
    A boutique pizza restaurant we designed in Gainesville is very close to completion here are some progress pics white diffusers are still waiting to be replaced by matching color round type just loose furnishings left! outdoor seating area at sidewalk view from University Ave. and 14th st. big bar! AC…

  8. HPRW 2

    2015-09-01 02:20:00 UTC
    I’ve been asked by several to explain the process of remodeling a 65 year old house. In short, it wasn’t easy. At times I lost sleep, hair, and heart. Here’s the run down, chronologically (and in parts since I can’t do this all right away!)  what we started with that…

  9. HPRW 1

    2015-04-20 08:42:00 UTC
    As some in our community may know, or possibly have seen, there is an old house getting renovated at Holly Point Rd. West That old house, built in 58’, happens to be a renovation project that Dura and it’s sister company, Ezer Construction are undertaking for a very special client….…

  10. Youth Barn ready to rock!

    2014-11-05 20:02:00 UTC
    This past weekend we attended a dedication for the Youth Barn at Grace Anglican Church. Very excited about this!

  11. Program

    2014-09-17 18:08:00 UTC
    Last year, Dura had the opportunity to design a large interior renovation. The client was great because they were very aware of their functional requirements for the renovated kitchen and living area. I always find that clients who have written down their “program” (I’ll explain this soon), are better at…

  12. Wood Framing

    2013-12-11 00:56:00 UTC
    In many parts of the country, for residential projects and some commercial projects, wood is the preferred material. In the southeast, southern yellow pine is a preferred species in many applications, however, its limitation is how straight (or rather, un-straight) it can be. As lumber mills put out lower quality…

  13. Unexpecteds

    2013-12-03 15:22:00 UTC
    A common problem with traditional design/bid/build architecture is that the contractor ends up with so many unknowns. Despite any architect’s best attempts to calculate and design to the nth degree, there are still items that can be contingent on the conditions of the site or the construction industry. One such…

  14. Sitework begins at GNV residence

    2013-11-05 20:45:00 UTC
    We’re excited about a big house that has just broken ground in Gainesville.  The photo above shows a panoramic view of the clearing of a 3 acre site. The house will be situated to maximise energy efficiency in relation to the site. The long axis of the house runs east…

  15. To be or not to be…one’s own Boss

    2013-09-30 22:16:00 UTC
    I recently heard someone say “these days, nobody wants to work for anybody anymore. They all want to be their own boss.” It was a passing statement explaining some labor problems in the construction industry, but I got to thinking about it: Is that why I left the laddered world…

  16. Interview with Peter Gluck

    2013-07-19 00:07:00 UTC
    As AIA Design Awards Chairman for 2013, I had the privilege of inviting Peter Gluck to be our lead Juror and guest speaker at our annual gala. Mr. Gluck surpassed my expectations as architect, general contractor and just plain reformer. His views and lucid responses on challenges facing architects today…

  17. Design Juries

    2013-04-24 19:06:00 UTC
    I had the privilege of sitting on a design jury for UF school of architecture yesterday. I think every architect should do this at one point or another. Its function is critical and here’s why (in no particular order) 1. It reconnects a practicing architect (no matter how young or…

  18. Doctors Lake Cottage 2

    2013-04-09 15:18:00 UTC
    While the first version of the flying cottage was steel and glass with concrete shear walls, this second version seeks a simpler way to build As such, the precast scheme was born. This version retains almost the exact same interior layout, with the addition of a roof deck and the…

  19. Doctors Lake Flying Cottage 1

    2013-03-29 23:05:00 UTC
    I’ve been experimenting with ideas for a house on Doctors Lake Design a cottage to be as close to the water as possible, constructed in accordance with Velocity Zone building code standards (coastal construction) and designed to anticipate flooding. In this way, the design derives the maximum benefits of being…

  20. Response to Millennials

    2013-02-16 00:42:00 UTC
    There is currently a debate in architectural circles about the lack of architectural interns (the lost millennial generation and what they will do to shape the world) Architect Magazine: The Millenials The argument goes: the recession decimated the ranks of young architectural interns going into the profession. Crowded out…

  21. Doctors Lake

    2013-02-11 22:13:00 UTC
    As an architect I’ve always grown to love the contexts I have served. There is something unique and beautiful about almost every place, even if it’s not  readily apparent. Noticing small things about it certainly build up that appreciation over time. Having lived on Doctors Lake for over a year…

  22. Residential design tools

    2013-01-18 20:36:00 UTC
    When I worked as an architect in New York City, we used to bring very polished looking graphics to client meetings. It was unacceptable to show up without this kind of stuff. Sleek renderings would sometimes conceal the fact that we had no idea what the project was still in…

  23. Jacksonvile AIA emerging design professionals

    2012-12-18 16:47:00 UTC
    I am honored this year to be part of the EDP board. Last night was the board transition meeting, held at Perdue, which is a very nice space downtown. By the way, I need a nice task light and tested out their “Dash” product (from Steelcase) while there. My first…

  24. GNV habitat houses

    2012-11-08 23:16:00 UTC
    Back in 2008-9, I had the privilege of working with Santa Fe College to design this facility:   The incredible and unique portion of this project was its educational and community-oriented vision. It is a college for building construction trades, management and high-school apprenticeships. Within the building itself, which is designed…

  25. The Value of an Architect

    2012-11-07 00:02:00 UTC
    There’s so much to write that I figured I should focus on the classic topic of the value of the architectural profession. There’s plenty of excellent AIA material on this (link) so here it is my own words. In my experience, it boils down to one key, but all-encompassing aspect…

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