As some in our community may know, or possibly have seen, there is an old house getting renovated at Holly Point Rd. West.

That old house, built in 58’, happens to be a renovation project that Dura and it’s sister company, Ezer Construction are undertaking for a very special client….

OK joking aside, this project is for Danny Garcia, our Principal Architect, and his family. They are expecting twin boys next month! Congratulations!

Among the many improvements planned, re-pipe, mostly re-wire, new roof, and other functionally new items. The most important improvement, however, came when Danny was designing the improvements  during the due diligence period of the contract. After initial inspection, Danny realized he could truly open up the interior of the house using certain strategies, as well as bring the front facade of the house closer to a mid-century modern look.

This is the front facade in progress:

That change in the center of the front facade is the big change, the true value add. And it allows several things to happen:

It changes this:

To this:

The living space had the old 8’ ceiling, and since there was extensive old termite damage on the ceiling rafters, it worked out great that the plan was to remove them anyways!

More to come on this project! Details and technicalities for all you nerds out there!

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