Let's be honest: there's a lot of architects out there. What makes Dura different? We deliver a project with a unique combination of vision and realism, from concept through construction. For us, the architect's job does not stop at the delivery of a set of drawings. Construction is the natural impulse of spending somewhere between a week to 10 years designing a project! We also believe that knowing the construction process makes us stronger designers.


In order to design we have to understand you and the design challenge that needs to be finessed. Every project has one or more challenges! We listen carefully to people with the inside knowledge - that's you. We get in your corner of the ring and we take on your battle. That's why our clients are happy.

While designing we are constantly thinking about how the design gets built. (THIS is the battle). You wouldn't want a wonderful design to get hacked apart during construction because of unexpected costs or because subcontractors can't build it and resort to easier methods to achieve an inferior goal.  We constantly ask: What is unique about the design? What unique processes will need to be employed in order to deliver the product with beauty and economy (in the best sense of the word).  Even when we know we are not going to build the project we devote considerable energy to this process.


After you approve our design (at which point you will be very excited!) we don't stop obsessing over details. This is in some ways the best part (even though it is all really the best job ever). However, for our clients, it can be a difficult waiting game. Our clients don't always understand how building codes or construction processes influence their project. We will clarify any murky concepts and be transparent with you to ensure that everyone is well informed and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. 


We think construction is kind of like a theatrical performance. You only get one shot at it. That's why you need an expert on your side. The design is the dress rehearsal, and when it's time to get on stage, we take charge!

Throughout construction, we are available for you, whether we are building the project or not. Usually when other contractors build our projects, the attention to detail is lower than when we build them. So we "observe" their construction (this is called "Construction Administration") and we report to you on whether it complies with the drawings and specs or not.

When we build the project, we work seamlessly with Dura Design Build (CBC 1261370) and our design process is different than when we just give you drawings for someone else to pull permits and build. It's different because we plan for the project to be built in certain ways that can only be communicated and executed when an architect is on board.


The best experience for us is when the client takes possession of their project and we hear from them how much they love the design and how well it works for them. We consider this a win for you, a win for us, and a win for the community, even if your project is private. Architecture influences communities.

The best next step is to contact us with as much project details as you can. After you contact us, we will try to schedule a sit down where we are essentially interviewing each other. We don't leave you hanging. If the project is not for us, we will let you know and try to steer you in the right direction.

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