GNV habitat houses

Back in 2008-9, I had the privilege of working with Santa Fe College to design this facility: 

 The incredible and unique portion of this project was its educational and community-oriented vision. It is a college for building construction trades, management and high-school apprenticeships. Within the building itself, which is designed to teach these students by exposing typically concealed parts of a building, there is a large lab space in which the school manages to build about one prefabricated affordable house every year. The building was completed in 2009, and so far, they are on their Third Habitat House funding announcement in cooperation with the city of Gainesville. I visit it every so often and love talking with them about what they are doing. This project is a classic example of everybody winning because of client vision, good management through the construction process, and architect-enabled design. To view larger images of the project (which I took throughout Construction Administration) click here

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