Doctors Lake

As an architect I’ve always grown to love the contexts I have served. There is something unique and beautiful about almost every place, even if it’s not  readily apparent. Noticing small things about it certainly build up that appreciation over time. Having lived on Doctors Lake for over a year now, I can tell you that I highly appreciate the microclimates, wind patterns, seasonal and daily tides, and the wildlife in this brackish lake. I’m excited about the next waterfront house I get to design in this area, as well as the one I am currently working on. The St. Johns and its tributaries are truly beautiful.

Florida, and Jacksonville especially, really benefits from the abundance of water everywhere. It makes our local climate more moderate (cooler in summer and warmer in winter) than say, further inland, where the benefits of water everywhere don’t exist. I really like that about Jacksonville.

Just this evening, my wife and I spotted Ruddy Ducks way off of our dock, as well as Coots and a great Egret. The mullet were jumping out of the water like mad for about 5 minutes at approximately 6pm or so. Gulls have been flying west in the evening for the last couple of weeks and the wind has been shifting constantly lately. It’s an early spring.

I find myself constantly photographing the natural beauty of this place and hope to seek out other vantage points soon. Here are a couple recent photographs before we head into a couple of days of rain…enjoy.

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