Danny did a great job listening to us as we began a complicated addition project to our 30 year old home. We wanted to add a cottage type space for us to downsize our living space from the original house. We love our property but were ready to be in smaller space that will work for us into old age. There were limits on space on our lot and the problem of wanting the addition to look seamless with a house that was built in the 1980's. Our other big hurtle was costs. We had a fairly strict budget we wanted to stick to throughout the project. Another issue was privacy for us as an active independent couple. Our adult daughter and her family moved into the original house.

With all these constraints, Danny worked it out. It took several drawings and changes on paper to get the most usable space for our budget.

The outcome far exceeded our expectations. Our "cottage" has a wonderful feel to it with plenty of living and storage space.
Danny listened to us, was patient with our evolving vision, and was very helpful when we had to scale back the project in order to reach our budget. His ideas are creative and the outcome is beautiful. 

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