Having designed a 2014 interior buildout of 5,000 SF for a small church plant leasing space in Gainesville, we were asked approximately 5 years later to help them determine their growth capacity and project budget for purchasing the entire facility.

The design brief, which we determined with the client after consultation, was to shoe-horn a 450 seat sanctuary into a narrow urban lot structure, while also providing children's ministry, adult ed, revamped offices and public spaces.

Architecturally, wide fan-shaped auditoria pose real challenges: how to keep decent sightlines as well as reasonable acoustics, notably. In order to achieve these, and vet it through acoustic modeling and testing, we compressed the stage and proscenium while then tuning the ceiling to provide early sound wave reflections to reinforce clear auditory transmission while also providing about one second of reverberation for the desired "live" sound. Although this is only an initial concept, and materials will play a huge role in the acoustic absorption / reflection balance, it demonstrates the length to which Dura will go to provide a quality concept design and get our valued clients started on the right foot.

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